Jiaming 'Jeremy' Qu

Hello! My name is Jiaming "Jeremy" Qu (瞿佳明) and I am now a Ph.D. candidate in Information Science at School of Information and Library Science (SILS), UNC Chapel Hill. I am advised by two amazing advisors, Dr. Yue Wang and Dr. Jaime Arguello. Prior to my Ph.D. journey, I got my Master's Degree in Information Science at SILS.

My research interests include but are not limited to Interactive Information Retrieval, Interpretable Machine Learning, and Human-Computer Interaction. My research focuses on two primary areas: (1) developing visualizations and interactive tools to explain machine learning models and (2) exploring how human end-users interact with these tools. Currently, I am working on my dissertation, in which I develop and evaluate an LLM-based tool to help end-users understand statistically salient but conceptually unintuitive data patterns learned by machine learning models.

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